December 5, 2016

SANTA MONICA, CA— Today Amavitae Corp. announced the launch of its career advancement platform (available on the Android and the iPhone), the only solution that directs job-seekers to careers they will love, provides pathways to education and training, and reveals the most sought after skills for each occupation.

There are nearly 6 million open jobs in the United States. Many of these will remain unfilled due to a lack of a skilled workforce. To address the issue, Amavitae has reimagined a proven assessment methodology and transformed it into an entertaining, engaging mobile-first platform that is free to the user.

Amavitae applies a scientific analysis through a unique interactive assessment to help users determine what they might love to do and learn the skills needed to advance in their field. Candidates get a personalized report with:

  • User-Centered Insights – The platform provides users a concise breakdown of what makes them unique.
  • Career Recommendations – Based on the interactive assessment and analysis of education, experience, military status, skills and plans for the future, Amavitae provides recommendations for careers they might love.
  • Career Descriptions – Easy to understand descriptions of each job and key details.
  • In-Demand Skills – A summary of the 25 most sought-after skills for each career.
  • Localized Jobs & Apprenticeships –The most up-to-date job openings and apprenticeships across the U.S. allows users to view and apply to the jobs in their communities.
  • Localized Education – Tools to view and apply for educational opportunities in their communities to help them advance their career. In addition, users can also see relevant jobs they could apply for with additional education or training.


“Amavitae’s mission is to help bridge the skills and opportunity gaps by providing students and job seekers the information they need about the careers they want, while helping employers find candidates that align with their job openings. Younger workers don’t have the information they need to pursue careers they’ll thrive in. They are using a decades-old occupational survey to get outdated career recommendations, and training for jobs that won’t exist in the near future,” said Deborah Ramo, Amavitae Founder and CEO. “Meanwhile, employers are facing large turnover with entry-level employees that aren’t engaged in their jobs.


Amavitae provides a platform designed for companies to develop and advance their existing workforce and in turn increase productivity, retention and fit.


Marriott International is the company’s initial founding partner. “Amavitae embodies our ‘people first’ culture and commitment to supporting people to find a career they’ll love,” said Carey Goldberg, Global Learning + Development Officer, Marriott International. “It’s a hyper relevant career planning tool that will help candidates find the jobs that best fit their passions and skills. For our associates, Amavitae provides a unique platform to identify career paths and advancement opportunities. It’s a recipe for retention.”


Amavitae’s diverse team and advisors are a group of experts committed to addressing the skills and opportunity gaps. Among them include: Nicole Howson, Co-Founder & Content Chief (an experienced leader in communications, workforce development and talent strategy); David Andrews, Creative Director (animation credits include Transformers, Iron Man and Harry Potter); Kip Haynes, Technical Director (a published researcher in the area of virtual reality, virtual humans and natural language understanding, formerly with USC’s Institute of Creative Technologies); Austin Krauss, Lead Engineer (credits include the development of the Call of Duty games); Chris Swain, Education Outreach Director (the co-founder of the Electronic Arts Game Innovation Lab at USC); Steve Minton, Advisor (leading data scientist and founder of the Journal of AI Research); and Dr. Michelle Riconscente, Advisor (a former managing director of GlassLab, leading expert in learning with technology).



About Amavitae

Amavitae’s mission is to close the skills and opportunity gaps. These gaps exist because people don’t have access to useful information about careers they might love and how to get them.

Amavitae has reimagined a proven assessment methodology and transformed it into something more entertaining, engaging and relevant for today’s user. Amavitae is the only solution that directs users to careers they could love, provides pathways to education and training and reveals the 25 most sought-after skills by occupation

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